A Date With Lower Diesel Fuel Prices Again

8 for 8. Diesel fuel prices fell yet another week, making this the 8th straight week. The national Department of Energy (DOE) reported diesel fuel prices fell 5.5 cents for the week of April 22, 2013. This makes the cost of diesel fuel $3.887 per gallon. This almost 2 dimes (19.8 cents) cheaper than this time last year.

At most truck stops you have notice the decrease in your fleet fueling price. Truck stops are holding onto their margin or markup to most companies on their diesel fuel. If you want you want this stuff reviewed to make sure you are getting the correct pricing, reach out to 267-482-6159.

Gas prices went down also but only six-tenths of a penny to $3.536 a gallon. Not as great as we would like on our fuel cards but at least it is down and not up. Both gas prices and diesel fuel have helped fleet management budget costs over the past few months.

With some many crazy things going on with truck stops this week, bombings and a whole major city under seize, maybe it time. Maybe it’s time to trust a company with your fuel management.

Watching your fleet fueling prices:

  • Ensuring you’re paying the lowest margins or markup for a company your size
  • Auditing your fuel purchases to make sure you get the correct monthly rebates or correct point of sale deal
  • Helping your company better understand diesel fuel prices and working for you, like a watch dog
  • Strategic sourcing your diesel fuel so your buying from the right mode for each of your terminals, over the road (OTR), bulk fueling, mobile fueling, fuel card selection. We watch out for your company.

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