AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, Diesel Fuel Prices Up, Gas Prices Up

Diesel fuel prices and gas prices continue to go higher according to AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. Reported today, diesel fuel prices were at $4.128 cents a gallon, compared to last week, when diesel fuel was $4.048. Last month, truckers main fleet fuel was only at $3.896. The climb is certainly on and could hurt many trucking companies.

Most truck stops such as Pilot Flying J, Loves Truck Stop and TA Petro are feeling a squeeze as well with diesel fuel because prices are moving upward faster on some days then past inventory can be sold.

The companies that will feel it the most wouldn’t be the company with fleet management or a fleet manager behind the desk. It will be those companies that have not watched their fuel management, fuel card or fleet fueling and now as this storm of higher diesel fuel comes in and any fuel savings goes out they are stuck, trying to play catch up.

The people that will mostly be hurt when they pull their cash or fuel card out of their pocket is the day to day consumer because today’s gas prices are $3.730 a gallon. This is up from $3.587 from last week’s gas prices and up 43 cents from the $3.301 per gallon last month. Talking about fleet credit card rejection, people better call to get their credit limits raised.

It would be easy for us to say strategically source your gas or diesel fuel buying. And if you can, try to go to the lowest stations, those penny’s add up. Just ask George Washington who’s birthday we celebrate today.

Good luck. Think no snow, fuel savings. Hopefully both will work for you soon.

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