About Us

"Glen Sokolis is one of the smartest people when it comes to managing fuel buying programs. I have recommended dozens of customers to the Sokolis Group over the years and have always gotten amazingly positive feedback on how Glen and his team have been able to save them time and money."
Scott Berhang
- Former VP of Client Relations and Education for Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)


Few people have the extensive background in fuel markets that Glen Sokolis has. In his 30+ years as a fuel buying expert, Glen has built expertise in all phases of fuel purchasing – from the contract to the tank to the truck. Sokolis Group – and its staff of experts with more than 125 years of experience – has become the nation’s leading fuel management consulting company and since it’s inception in 2003, we have managed billions of gallons for hundreds of clients.

Fuel is not your business – but it is ours.

Our staff takes the time to work with each customer to understand their particular fuel buying requirements. We know that no two companies are the same. We leverage our experience and our deep contacts throughout all parts of the fuel business to get the best fuel deal, and the biggest cost savings for our customers.

The Value of Focus

Fuel management is what we do every day, and we believe there is a great value to that singular focus. Because we’re not pulled in the many different directions that fleet managers and financial professionals are required to respond to, we have developed deep expertise in this area.

Whether you’re a fleet manager who wants to cut costs and increase efficiency, a CFO focused on improving the bottom line, or a company looking to streamline back-office operations, Sokolis Group can uncover the hard-to-find opportunities to drive down the cost of fuel. Should you continue a retail fueling program or consider a mobile fueling solution? Are your vendors giving you the best possible price and service? The recommendations we make will result in the best fuel management program customized for your fleet.

Fuel Management – 24/7

Fuel is not your business – but it is ours. You don’t have the time to dig into invoice audits or validate fuel pricing. You don’t have the time to negotiate with fuel suppliers who think you know nothing about fuel. You probably don’t know whether you have a fuel contract, or if you do, whether it’s even valid anymore. We take the focus on fuel off your plate – and put it squarely onto ours. Whether you are the small business owner with a few trucks, or a larger company with a fleet of trucks, we can help you manage your fuel buying and ultimately save you money. Money that can go back into YOUR business.

Our Promise

  • To negotiate the best deal for you with fuel suppliers
  • Monitor your fuel consumption, and as it grows, leverage that to improve the pricing you get from fuel suppliers
  • Get you a clear and fair supply contract that gives you the room to grow and guarantees supply
  • Handle auditing to make sure you NEVER spend a penny on overcharges
  • Help you decide whether mobile refueling, bulk buying, or leasing is right for your business
  • Guide you through the benefits of a Fleet Card program and choose the right one for you

Our Commitment To Our Clients

  • Fuel buying can be hard – we’ll hold your hand
  • Access to our staff with 125 years of expert fuel buying experience
  • Respect – we don’t take your business for granted. We want to be in business with you for the long haul
  • Integrity – we pride ourselves on it
  • Service – fuel markets move 24 hours/day, 7 days/week – we’re there for your 24/7