Fuel purchasing is complicated – at Sokolis Group, we know that fuel is quite possibly the biggest and most volatile expense your company will have to manage. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about what Sokolis Group can do to help you manage and lower your fuel costs.

How will Sokolis Group help my business?

Fuel is NOT your business. For you, fuel is an OPERATING COST. A LARGE operating cost. We can take over as much of your fuel program as you want – giving you back time to focus on your core business. By managing your fuel program – negotiating with fuel suppliers, verifying invoices, re-strategizing the way you buy fuel – we’ll save you thousands.

Why can’t we just do this ourselves?

Ask yourself these questions – is fuel your business? Do you have someone on your team with years of experience buying fuel, and deep, entrenched contacts in the fuel supply world? For most people, the answer is “no.” That’s why you need Sokolis Group. We become your in-house Fuel Desk, and YOU get the benefit of our decades of knowledge and experience.

Does Sokolis Group take on every client that inquires?

No, we don’t, and here’s why – if we cannot guarantee that you will save money on fuel, we won’t waste your time and money.

So, Sokolis Group guarantees that I will save money?

We sure do. Once we do our audit of your current fuel buying program, our experts will map a path for you to save as much as 10% to 15% on your annual fuel spend. Bust most importantly, we won’t take on your business if we don’t think we can save you money.

My company has a big fleet of trucks – more than 500. What can Sokolis Group do for me?

A fleet of 500 trucks or more spends millions each year on fuel. We can save you between 10% and 15% of that spend. You do the math. That’s money that goes back into your business.

My company has a small fleet of trucks – less than 50. Can Sokolis Group help me?

We’re not concerned with your truck count – we’re concerned with how much fuel you buy. More fuel means price discounts. So, whether you have 50 or 500 trucks, we dig into how you buy to see how we can get you a better deal.

Is Sokolis Group privately owned, or is it part of a large corporation?

Sokolis Group is completely private. We don’t report up to a big corporation – we’re a small, but expert team of people. Have a question for us? No worries about getting stuck on some company switchboard. You call us and you get right to the person managing your account.

Is Sokolis Group a fuel “broker?”

No, we’re not. We never broker fuel, we are a fuel management company who leverages our deep contacts in the fuel supply world to get you better deals on fuel and save you money.

My truck leasing company provides me fuel. Can Sokolis Group help me?

Yes, we can. Just because you lease your vehicles from one company does not mean that you have to fuel where the leasing company tells you to. Our analysis of your company’s fuel program – even if you lease the vehicles – will show you other options to save money. 

I don’t understand – what is a “fuel card?”

It’s like a credit card – it’s provided to drivers and other personnel to use when they buy fuel. Fuel cards play a key role in operations – they eliminate cash transactions, employee reimbursements, and provide owners the security in knowing that fuel is being purchased where YOU want it purchased. For many fleet owners, a fuel card is crucial.

I’m happy with my current fuel card provider. Do I have to switch?

First and foremost, we listen to YOU. We are happy to show you other alternatives, or to work with your current fleet card provider to get you the best deal. The big benefit of a fuel card is a built-in discount. Are you getting that from your car provider? At the end of the day, YOU ARE THE BOSS. Let us review your plan and see how we can improve it. 

What kind of reporting will Sokolis Group provide?

You tell us. We can give you as much, or as little reporting as you want. We tailor our reports to a frequency that works for your business – whether you want daily reporting, or periodic summary reporting. Our reporting runs the full spectrum of everything from fuel management and price reconciliation to vehicle and mileage reports. We tailor the reports to your needs.

How much time will my staff need to spend with Sokolis Group?

Here’s the great thing – not much time at all! We become your Fuel Desk – we give you back crucial time that you can put back into your business. While we do stay in regular communication, we don’t bog your staff down with unnecessary meetings.

How does Sokolis Group get paid?

After we determine that we can save you money, we work with you to see how much of your fuel program you want us to manage. Based on that, we come up with an affordable monthly amount that covers the range of services that you have requested. An no – we don’t take a commission on your savings. We keep your fees simple and manageable.

How do I get started?

It couldn’t be easier – either click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page or call us at 267-482-6155. After we talk, we’ll schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to evaluate your business, how you buy fuel, and then show you what we can do. If you like us as much as we think you will, the next step will be to do a free audit of your fuel spend. 

Tell me about this “complimentary fuel audit.” What is the value to me?

It’s free. It’s our way of showing you why you should work with us. At the end of the day, the audit is the first step in saving you tens of thousands of dollars in fuel costs each month. 

Contact us today with any additional questions about how Sokolis Group can help lower your fuel costs.