To help better serve our clients, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions regarding Sokolis Group’s fuel management services and what we do to lower fuel costs.

How will Sokolis Group help my business?

Sokolis Group will help your company lower your diesel fuel and gas costs. Additionally, we will improve your fuel management program with better information, thorough communication, and complete fleet fuel auditing.

Is your complimentary fuel audit truly free? What value will my company get from it?

Yes, your complementary audit is truly free as long as you have 50 trucks or more.

Your company will get a good baseline of how well you are buying diesel fuel and gas. Most companies have leveraged the complementary fuel audit into a better organized fuel program that allows them to save tens of thousands of dollars a month on fuel and related expenses.

Will this fuel management program provide my company with savings?

Yes, our clients report an average savings between 5% and 10% upon initially implementing Sokolis Group’s fuel management solutions.

We have over 500 trucks and no one to manage the costs. Can Sokolis Group be our entire fuel department?

Yes. To many of our clients we are just that, their whole fuel department. We have the experience, technology, staffing, and expertise to not only provide savings, but improve processes, implement solutions, and suggest new ideas for a total fuel management system.

Is Sokolis Group an independent company or part of a large corporation?

We are independent and privately owned. We have relationships with hundreds of vendors and we consider them all friends. We work with all fuel cards, bulk fueling providers, diesel fuel additive companies, truck stops providers, and mobile fuelers. Our commitment is only to our clients in order to get the best prices and services possible.

I get my fuel from a leasing company. Can you still help?

Yes. Just because you lease your vehicles from one company doesn’t mean you have to fuel there or can’t negotiate lower fuel prices. We can prepare an analysis to evaluate the best solutions for your company. Lease fueling might be your best option but let our experts help determine that with you.

Is Sokolis Group a fuel broker?

No. We are a fuel management company. We first need to review and analyze your diesel purchases before we can determine what is best for your company. Our management team will help you make changes to your fueling program so you will see additional fuel savings. We are with your company for the long haul.

I'm happy with my fuel card plan. Will I have to switch to a new one to integrate Sokolis Group's plan?

No, Sokolis Group’s fuel management programs can be tailored to work with all cards and plans. However, if we see the opportunity to save additional money or obtain more appropriate services, we will make suggestions that may include switching fuel cards.

Can't we do this in house?

Probably, but you haven’t. Maybe it’s because you don’t have the time, the experts on staff, the technology, or the data. Why not rely on experts with the knowledge and experience at your disposal for any/all of your fueling needs? The amount you’ll pay and time you’ll spend to put together your own fuel management department won’t produce a team as sophisticated and cost-effective as Sokolis Group.

What type of reporting will I receive?

We provide easy-to-read reports with action items. We offer a variety of fleet management reports showing all of your account activity, including summary reports, employee exception reports, and vehicle reports. In some cases, we provide reporting on audits and mileage. Sokolis Group can also provide idle reporting, diesel price comparisons to the Department of Energy (DOE), and off-highway fuel reports.

The best part of all is we do more than just send over reports. Our Account Managers work with you and your team directly to take action and make sure your program is running correctly. 

What is a fuel card?

A fleet card allows employees and drivers to purchase diesel fuel or gas for their vehicles. Fuel cards eliminate cash transactions and employee reimbursements, and they increase security by limiting when, where, and how often employees and drivers can purchase fleet fuel. Fuel cards are available in different programs for specific brands and networks. They also have universal acceptance and offer varying payment options and terms. We can help!

What is the process for getting started?

Sokolis Group performs a high-level review of your fuel program. In most cases, we provide a free audit of all your diesel fuel and gas purchases. In the unlikely event there would be excessive time required to analyze the data, we will let you know in advance and discuss options.

After we have reviewed a fueling program, we provide potential clients with our findings and explain how we would deliver savings and improve controls over the program. We also show the amount of money they can expect to save as well as a quote for our fee.

Is my company guaranteed to save money in fuel costs with Sokolis Group?

Yes! After we provide our complimentary audit, we’ll have a very good idea of what we can do to improve your program. If we don’t see an opportunity to produce fuel savings, we won’t take you on as an account. Sokolis Group wants 100% client satisfaction.

How does the pricing for your fuel management work? Do I pay on a percentage of the savings?

No, we do not typically charge a fee as a percentage of fuel savings. Your company works hard for results and so does Sokolis Group. If you follow our suggested plan, you will likely save $4 dollars for every $1 we get paid, a figure based on our average client results.

Plus, we manage all of your fleet fuel. From fuel card maintenance, to monitoring in-network and out-of-network fueling, we communicate with all of your vendors so you have more time to handle other things. Additionally, you will get all of the audits, management reports, and improved company communications. However, if you prefer to structure our fee on a shared savings basis, we can do that too. 

How much time will my staff need to spend on Sokolis Group program?

Not much. One of our team’s jobs is to take work off your plate to give you more time to focus on other things. Though we communicate to you what needs to be done to accomplish everyone’s goals, Sokolis Group does almost all of the work to make sure you see major savings.

When your company hires Sokolis Group, it hires a trained and experienced staff of fleet fuel professionals. We’ll communicate with your vendors and staff directly, get overcharges back for you, and educate each manager on how to improve their processes. Our reports are as simple or as in-depth as you need so that your drivers can understand their goals while your CFO knows how much savings are being realized.