Our Team

It’s said that a team is only as good as its players. Sokolis Group’s team of fleet fuel consultants are among the best in the industry. Proactive and responsive, we exceed expectations by communicating with our clients with clarity and transparency.

For us, TEAM is an acronym: “Together Everyone Achieves More.” Our team focuses on fuel monitoring and management. It might sound simple, but working together equips us to achieve our goal of providing fuel savings through unequaled customer service.


Glen Sokolis

Founder and CEO

Glen began his career in transportation more than 30 years ago and built one of the largest mobile fueling companies in the country.
In the late 1990s, Glen began providing clients with cutting edge, web-based fueling information, thanks to a fleet fueling platform that is still used today by leading mobile fueling companies. Glen helped integrate fuel card transactions to simplify back office process. As founder of Sokolis Group, Glen — with the help of his team — has provided several millions of dollars in savings to their clients through better fuel management. His personal motto is “Treat every client the way you want to be treated”.

Some of Glen’s other contributions include:

  • Guest speaker for multiple OPIS conferences, AAA Auto Conference, NAPA Conference, Fuelman Conference, Comdata Fuel Card Conference.
  • Columnist for Heavy Duty Trucking, Big Truck TV, Financial Fleet, Truckinginfo.com
  • Radio guest host on Sirius/XM Lockridge Report on Mad Dog Trucking

Howard Abrams


Howard began his career more than 30 years ago, working for a Philadelphia area public accounting firm. His responsibilities included audit fieldwork, along with the preparation of financial statements and tax returns for a variety of clients. In his work in the private sector, Howard has held senior financial management roles for several companies, including the nation’s largest mobile fueling company with revenue over $500 million servicing locations in more than 30 states.

Throughout his career, Howard has developed a unique blend of finance, technology, and operational skills. His experience includes many successful implementations of financial and operational systems, most notably the development of proprietary systems for processing millions of diesel fueling transactions that won two Microsoft awards. These achievements have led to significant improvements in profit management, along with greater efficiency through process standardization and automation.

Howard is a CPA and graduated magna cum laude from Temple University with a BA in accounting.


Lisa Walters

Vice President

Lisa Walters started with Sokolis Group in 2003 but has been in the fuel industry since 1999. During that time she has handled and processed millions of dollars for a large customer base with a high volume of fuel transactions. She performs daily audits while negotiating diesel fuel price deals in place for each client to fit their needs.

Lisa specializes in creating and initiating many different industries’ fuel management programs, from food/beverage companies to car haulers to logistics carriers. She executes new fuel programs thoroughly and smoothly and provides solid communication to clients. In her time with Sokolis, she has helped train and grow our team of account managers, stressing the importance of customer service and customizing fleet fueling programs to fit their needs.

Lisa graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BA in Business Management. She also holds an associate’s degree in computers and business management from the Lansdale School of Business.


Conor Proud

Vice President, Business Development

Conor has been with Sokolis Group since 2009, beginning his tenure as an Account Manager with the company. In this role, he was responsible for managing his clients’ fuel programs; auditing transactions, negotiating pricing and providing reporting to analyze their purchases. In 2012, he leveraged his account experience and moved into a business development role to further the growth of Sokolis Group’s customer base. In his years of being an Account Manager, he learned to understand the range of needs and pain points of clients and, in turn, bring solutions to help save potential clients time and money. Conor’s experience with a variety of clients and fuel-related technologies has directly contributed to Sokolis Group’s continued growth. Before joining Sokolis Group, Conor worked for a large, successful financial institution dealing with thousands of transactions daily. Conor graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Liberal Arts, and a Minor in Business.


Laura Felicetti

Senior Account Manager

Laura started as an Account Manager at Sokolis Group during 2010. Before that, she worked for one of the largest health care benefits companies in the country, where her primary responsibility was trying to reduce how much clients were spending on premiums.

In 2013, Laura was promoted to Senior Account Manager with responsibilities the include assisting clients with all aspects of their fuel program from fuel card management, auditing transactions, and fuel analysis. Laura assists clients from a wide range of industries such as building supplies, battery manufacturing, linen carriers, and roadside assistance. With her attention to detail, strong client servicing skills, and strong mathematical background, Laura negotiates fuel savings for clients, stays on top of ever-changing diesel fuel prices and provides her clients with fueling solutions that they otherwise might not have ever known.

Laura, who has a mathematics and statistics degree from Bloomsburg University, is a well-diversified team member of the Sokolis Group.


Dan Beason

Senior Account Manager

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Dan spent three years with a Fortune 500 apparel/footwear company. He managed various large accounts in the company’s supply chain, using his excellent communication skills and attention to detail to build strong relationships with his clients.

Dan joined Sokolis Group in 2013 as an Account Manager with responsibilities that include working with clients and preparing detailed fuel audits based on purchases made through over-the-road and mobile fueling. He also assists clients with fuel card management and fuel savings. In 2017, Dan was was promoted to Senior Account Manager.

Dan graduated from Penn State University with a BS in business management


Joan Gottlieb

Account Manager

Since joining Sokolis Group in 2006, Joan has utilized her accounting skills in a variety of ways, including fuel auditing and working to get fuel rebates for clients and reducing their fleet fueling expenses. She handles complex rollouts of new fuel programs that include dozens of operational centers, fuel cards, bulk fueling, inventory management, and mobile fueling. The key to her success is working with her team to ensure that fuel cards are administered properly, vendor pricing is accurate, and reimbursements are distributed appropriately. One of Joan’s favorite things to do with Sokolis Group’s clients is to educate them on what diesel fuel prices are doing and making sure they get the most out of our fuel program while also helping them maximize their fuel savings.


Justin Zapczynski

Account Manager

Justin joined Sokolis Group in 2011 after spending five years with one of the largest firms in the financial world where he acquired a diverse skill set while being exposed to clients in multiple industries. In his role as Account Manager at Sokolis Group, Justin is focused on auditing fuel transactions (bulk, mobile, over-the-road, etc.), providing customized reporting, researching fuel market opportunities, and managing clients’ fuel cards. He has built many strong relationships through his dedication to communication and client satisfaction.

Justin attended Penn State University where he studied accounting, management, and marketing.

Thom Robinson

Thom Robinson

Vendor Relationship Manager

Thom joined Sokolis Group in 2021 as a Vendor Relationship Manager handling responsibilities that include planning, leading, and managing fuel supply projects for our clients.

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Thom spent nine years in environmental consulting, focusing on UST regulatory compliance for fuel marketers and eventually managing the environmental and maintenance department of a southeastern fuel station chain. He later acquired extensive logistics and analytics skills at a 3PL trucking firm, where he oversaw last-mile deliveries in a multi-year contract with a Fortune 100 retailer. Ultimately, Thom leveraged his experience in fuel and logistics into a highly successful tenure with a diversified petroleum wholesaler in the Carolinas. In that role, Thom coordinated several million gallons of petroleum product shipments each month, building strong and lasting relationships with customers, fuel suppliers, and logistics partners.

Karen 2021-06-17

Karen Sholders

Account Manager

Karen’s career of more than 20 years has been spent making sure clients are more than just satisfied. Before joining Sokolis Group, she worked as an accountant with one of the largest private companies in the Northeast, where she did fuel audits, fleet management, and fuel card management for a fleet of more than 300 vehicles. Her fuel audit functions included reducing idle times and spend management.

Her expertise and experience includes managing customer service and accounts receivable for a nationwide mobile fueling company with more than $500 million in revenue and clients in more than 30 states. Karen has processed millions of fueling transactions throughout her career, and has interacted with companies like Comdata, Wright Express, and other fuel card providers. She has handled fuel cards, card locks, mobile fueling, direct bills, and third party vendors’ transactions. She always keeps in mind that the customer must be satisfied and comfortable with the data they receive.

Karen holds a BS from Albright College and a computer networking certificate from the Chubb Institute.

Jeff 2021-06-17

Jeff Sottnick

Account Manager

Jeff joined Sokolis Group in 2019 as an Account Analyst and was promoted to Account Manager in 2021.  Jeff’s responsibilities include managing clients’ fuel card programs, auditing transactions, and providing reports to analyze purchases as well as reduce fleet fueling expenses.

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Jeff worked in the transportation industry where he was primarily responsible to make sure customers’ needs were being met, including entering new shipment information and sending updates in response to customer requests.

Jeff graduated from Holy Family University with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management/Marketing.

Kevin 2021-06-17

Kevin Hamilton

Account Manager

Kevin joined Sokolis Group in 2019 as an Account Analyst and was promoted to Account Manager in 2021.  Kevin’s responsibilities include managing clients’ fuel card programs, auditing transactions, and providing reports to analyze purchases as well as reduce fleet fueling expenses.

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Kevin worked in the pharmaceutical industry where he was primarily responsible for maintaining clients’ clinical trial data. This includes auditing, querying, and correcting discrepancies in the data.

Kevin graduated from Ursinus College with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics as well as minors in Statistics and Finance.

Ryan 2021-06-17

Ryan Copper

Account Analyst

Ryan joined Sokolis Group in 2020 as an Account Analyst.  His responsibilities include managing clients’ fuel card programs, auditing transactions, providing reports, and analyzing purchases to help maximize savings for our clients.  

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Ryan worked for a company within the dental supplies industry where he handled administrative responsibilities including billing and customer service.  

Ryan graduated from Howard Community College with an associate’s degree focused on history.

Mike Owens

Mike Owens

Account Analyst

Mike joined Sokolis Group in 2021 as an Account Analyst. His responsibilities include managing clients’ fuel card programs, auditing transactions, providing reports, and analyzing purchases to help maximize savings for our clients. 

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Mike worked in operations and sales for a Fortune 500 distribution company. He managed a multitude of large accounts in the Northeast region, using his excellent communication skills and attention to detail to build strong relationships with his clients. 

Mike graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing.


Tyler 2021-12-22

Tyler Sokolis

Business Development Specialist

Tyler joined Sokolis Group in September 2020. Prior to that time, he worked for the largest craft brewery in America as a Territory Sales Representative where he provided industry expertise and comprehensive programming to create win-win scenarios for all stakeholders involved.

Tyler also played Division 1 College Golf at Saint Joseph’s University while obtaining BA’s in Food Marketing and International Business.

Theresa Heath

Data Analyst

Prior to joining Sokolis Group, Theresa’s career has spanned over 20 years primarily focused on data analytics for a large company in the medical data industry. Over the course of her time there, Theresa’s responsibilities progressively increased and culminated with handling data analysis for global operations.

Theresa has worked for Sokolis Group since 2017 and she provides administrative and analytical support to client managers. She is heavily involved with downloading and formatting large amounts of fueling transactions so they can be audited for accuracy and summarized for reporting. In addition, she assists with contacting vendors to resolve issues on behalf of clients and obtains information to prepare analyses that help clients reduce their fleet fueling expenses.

Theresa graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute with an Associated Degree in Electronics Technology.

Sue Sokolis

Corporate Executive

Sue has been in the fuel industry since 1993. During her early days in the fleet fuel business she performed fuel audits and analysis on reports for clients. In her time at Sokolis Group, she has brought additional administrative support during busy times of the year.

Prior to Sokolis Group, she worked as a major account manager at Prudential Group, to ensure that clients’ pricing was properly provided and price analysis and audits were performed on all accounts.

Sue graduated for Kutztown University with a BA in English and a minor in math.