Are you Ready for 2011, Fleet Fueling?

Do you know of any company raising their prices 16% in 2011? Are you kidding me? Most fleet companies are fighting to keep prices flat so they can retain their ever dwindling customer base. If gas prices keep soaring out of control, how is it going to be possible to make a profit in 2011?
According to AAA, average gas prices nationally topped $3 a gallon late last week, up 16 percent from $2.58 a year ago. In 2008, a gallon averaged just $1.60. The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline has jumped more than 30 cents since Labor Day!

If your business relies on rubber hitting the road, whether it’s fleet management, simple fuel companies delivery service or a mobile fueling service company ROI is important to you.


1. Reduce Fleet Fueling Costs: Have Sokolis Group negotiate fueling deals with your fuel card or fleet card program for either your over the road purchases or truck to truck mobile fueling vendors. Then we will continue to track your drivers to make sure they are utilizing your “network” providers for greater fuel savings.

2. Reduce Operating Costs: Allow Sokolis Group to handle your fuel cards, fleet cards, fleet credit card program and maintenance to reduce your back office expense. Let us streamline your purchases for your fleet fueling program and track down credits when owed.

3. Reduce Fuel Theft Costs: Sokolis Group will continue to fueling audits on your fleet fueling purchases to make sure there are no fuel theft purchases occurring no matter what means of fueling. Reporting this to your managers for follow up procedures. Reporting same day deliveries along with tracking your MPG per unit.

4. Increase Confidence: Sokolis Group will coordinate and get fueling when you need it when you need it, freeing you from scheduling hassles and fueling related overtime. This will be done by our outstanding account managers, who will make sure all of your mobile fueling, fleet cards, fuel cards and fleet fuel cards are working for you

5. On Going Fleet Fuel Support: Sokolis Group is able for all of your fueling needs. Continuous fuel planning, monitoring and reporting. On-going communication with your team along with monthly reporting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when it comes to your fuel management, you have a staff of people working for you and montioring diesel fuel prices, mobile fueling costs, fuel cards, fleet cards and providing you fuel savings.