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Lower Diesel Fuel Price, Fleets Trying Hybrid Power to Become “Greener”

Coming to the end of 2010 we have all heard plenty about hybrids especially with the diesel fuel prices of fuel hitting an all time high in 2008. Many of us drive hybrid powered cars (Sokolis Group owns one), know someone who does, or see them on the road daily. I’m all for driving a hybrid. In most cases they make sense because their fleet fueling efficient and they are more environmentally friendly. The only problem I have with any

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The Tweleve Days of Sokolis Group Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Ten fuel managers in need, Nine alternative fuel products, Eight fuel buying buyers Seven fleet fuel auditors Six fuel dispensing islands, Five fuel consulting experts, Four mobile fleet fueling companies, Three Fuel planning programs, Two fleet fueling cards, And a fuel management company for me

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Holiday Travel

This is the time of year where many people travel to see their loved ones. However as you may know your family may not be in walking distance. So people all around go near and far to see their family for the holidays; but every time someone gets on an airplane or in the car for that long journey, you should know that your carbon footprint gets bigger.

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