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Which Way Will Diesel Fuel Go! Probably Several Ways!

I’m a diesel fuel price geek, what can I say. I make my living understanding this stuff. As I was preparing to write my annual projections on diesel fuel prices, I started to wonder, is there any trend that no one is talking about? The Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected 2014 to be $3.77 a gallon, but that was only a month after they predicted diesel fuel would be $3.73 a gallon. My guess, they will probably be wrong on

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Diesel Fuel Prices Down 6 Straight

For 6 straight weeks diesel fuel prices fell. This past week according to figures released by the Department of Energy (DOE) diesel fuel prices across the country were 1.6 cents lower to $3.977 a gallon.

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You Don’t Need a Cape to Be A Superhero in Fleet Management

Are you a fleet manager or fuel manager? Are you the president or CFO of a fleet company concerned about your company’s bottom line, again? Are you tired of sitting on the edge of your seat, sweating, worrying and waiting for the Department of Energy to report that diesel fuel prices are up per gallon for the nth week in a row? Accept the inevitable; diesel’s national average price will be what it will be. You can’t control it. It’s

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