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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a solution that when injected into the exhaust stream of a diesel engine lowers the harmful nitrogen-oxides that are emitted. Obviously using DEF is great for the environment since it reduces the release of pollutants but it also will create better fuel efficiency for your diesel fuel vehicles by creating higher oxygen levels in the combustion process.

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Improve Your Fleet Fuel Quality

A major percentage of all problems with diesel fuel engines are related to fuel quality. Diesel fuel can sometimes vary from one shipment to another or from one area to another. Customers also switch from one fleet fueling vendor to another and suppliers sometimes change the fuel they are offering. The three things that vary the most in diesel fuel are cetane, weight and viscosity. Cetane is defined as the susceptibility of the fuel to self ignite. Cetane can influence

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Oh No Snow, Fill Up For Good Fuel Management

If you live in almost anywhere in the East/Northeast your fleet companies trucks better had its fueling done before Sunday night for good fuel management. I was fueling my car on Sunday. Why? Everything takes longer in the snow when it comes to fleet fueling or fuel companies delivering. The roads are a mess, the fueling islands are a mess, let’s just say everything is a mess when it comes to heavy snow.

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Diesl Fuel Prices Keep Going Higher Tips To Keep Them Cool In Winter

As diesel fuel prices keep going higher all fleet companies need to take paths to achieve fuel savings. It seems every year the transportation industry faces new perils during the winter months and this year is no different. Currently the weather forecasters are predicting not only one of the coldest, but the snowiest in the last five (5) years. Among the challenges above and beyond the weather, diesel fuel prices are on the rise again and most states and many

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