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Is Fueling Time Impacting Your Drivers Availability?

Time is money, how many times have we all heard that? We all know it’s true, particularly when it comes to fleet management. The recent changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations have definitely created some challenges for companies that need to maximize their drivers’ productivity.

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Gas Prices Soar And Diesel Fuel Prices Fly

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported that the price for U.S. on-highway diesel fuel prices rose 3 cents to $3.903 per gallon, the second consecutive increase. Gas prices were also reported and jumped 6 cents to $3.331 per gallon. Now, gas prices are 1% or 3.3 cents more expensive than a year ago. When also most all year it seems like gas prices would stay low, they have crept back up.

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Are Diesel Fuel Prices Going Up?

It’s easy to take a seat on the sidelines and believe all of the things you read in the headlines about diesel fuel prices and gas prices going even higher. Of course those kinds of stories make news and help ratings. So, to answer the question in my own headline, ‘Are diesel fuel prices going up?’ – you betcha.

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Too Good to Be True?

At Sokolis Group, when we make initial contact with a potential client, through our research or a referral, we feel that we can be of assistance to them with their fleet fuel management program, therefore reducing diesel fuel cost. By gathering further operational information from a potential client we can make a pretty good assumption, through our experience, whether or not our fuel management service would be of value to them.

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