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Video: Smarter Fuel-Buying Tips

With fuel prices at or near record highs, HDT Talks Trucking looks at how fleets can save money beyond better fuel mileage. Glen Sokolis is CEO of Sokolis Group, a company he founded nearly 20 years ago to help fleets save money on fuel. On this episode of the HDT Talks Trucking video podcast, Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge talks to him about why oil and fuel prices have spiked, and what fleets can do about it short- and long-term.

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How Proper Vehicle Maintenance Improves Fuel Efficiency

Fuel costs are a major cost of doing business when operating a fleet of any size. Purchasing new vehicles can significantly reduce fuel cost, but can be prohibitive as a capital investment. Most fleet managers are unable to replace their entire fleet and may continue to operate older vehicles for some time. This means that proper maintenance to improve and maintain fuel efficiency is an important, and cost-effective, way of reducing overall costs. Here are a few things you can do

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It’s Tax Season! Are You Paying the Correct Fuel Taxes?

Many fleet managers, controllers, and CFOs might be surprised if they discovered they were overpaying fuel invoices because they included line items disguised as government taxes and fees.  At Sokolis Group, we‘re not surprised because we see this happen frequently.  Prior to becoming a Sokolis Group client, these companies typically just signed off on fuel invoices that contained “special” taxes or environmental fees.  These bogus fees are nothing more than an additional revenue stream for the fuel supplier.  However, in some other

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Driverless Trucks – Fact or Fiction?

Google has been testing its driverless car technology since 2009, but a recent report suggests self-driving cars have hit a bump in the road. Google tests many of the cars in California, and the state requires the company to submit reports on the results of its experiments. According to the Motley Fool, the most recent results showed 341 disengagements. That’s Google’s term for a moment when the test drivers felt the need to take back control of the car, either

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Searching For Qualified Truck Drivers? Hire a Veteran

“As bad now as it’s ever been.” That’s Jim Runk, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck, describing the nation’s driver shortage to York Daily Record newspaper in November. That shortage is expected to grow to 73,500 next year, and the American Trucking Association is recommending a number of ways to recruit more drivers: Raising salaries Offering more amenities Lobbying Congress to lower the interstate driving age from 21 to 18

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Who needs a pot of gold when you have a great fleet fuel management program?

Although, I think we could all use a little luck o’the Irish this St. Patrick’s Day. And, who wouldn’t like to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or at least some extra “green” added to their corporate bottom line? This is especially true for those of us working hard in the fleet fuel management industry. We may be feeling green today, but not as it relates to Ireland and shamrocks. We are just sick. Sick

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