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Dealing With the USDOT Mandatory Electronic Log Requirement – Best Practices

MAP-21 became law in 2012 – and one of its provisions was the electronic log requirement. These logs are used to enforce hours-of-service regulations and thus improve driver safety by reducing fatigue. There have been some fears amongst truckers that the new requirement will force smaller carriers out of business. However, those already following safe practices will benefit, and so will everyone else who shares the road with them. There are some exemptions:

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Is Your Fuel Management Ready for Winter?

Every year the transportation industry faces new challenges during the winter months, and this year is no different.  Among those challenges, many states have mandated biodiesel blends while many have mandated idling restrictions. To add to that, fleet fuel prices are rising, and weather forecasters are predicting a colder and snowier winter than any in recent memory. And with the early showing of winter weather in many states, they may be right. Truck breakdowns are certainly more prevalent during the cold winter

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Winter’s Coming – Time To Telecommute

With winter approaching faster than we may like it is time for business owners to think about the impact winter may have on their fleet operations. We at Sokolis Group help our fleet companies get ready for the winter months by assisting them in ordering fuel additive to keep their diesel fuel from gelling and their fleet drivers safe on the road. Other business owners have found different ways to keep their employees safe during the winter months, such as

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