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Now is a Good Time to Outsource Your Fuel Program!

Fuel prices have been increasing rapidly over the last several months. Just one event or change can cause prices to spike or plummet. Volatility will continue in the fuel market as much as it does in the stock market, which can keep whoever is managing your fleet’s fuel program up at night.

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Pros and Cons of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Moving away from oil is something being promoted in many areas. One of the debates is the use and production of alternative fuels. For fleet managers, the decision of whether to purchase alternative fuel vehicles means weighing up cost, reliability, and environmental concern. There are both advantages and disadvantages to alternative fuels, and some things fleet managers should consider:

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Do You Qualify for a Fuel Tax Refund?

Throughout the year, Sokolis Group must update its records for all of the changes made to fuel taxes. It’s a tedious task to sift through the information scattered across the internet for each state. Even though there are web sites that consolidate fuel tax rates in one place, identifying potential exemptions takes more research than just glancing at summarized data. That usually means a visit to a state’s site and digging into their tax regulations.

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Working With Your Drivers to Prevent Fuel Card Fraud

Fuel cards are one of the most convenient aspects of the modern trucking industry. They ensure that every driver can get fuel when they need it, don’t have to worry about receipts or reimbursement, and that all company-related refueling stops are charged to the correct account every time. Unfortunately, fuel card fraud is also one of the biggest problems faced by companies with fleets all over the world. From being used to fill non-fleet vehicles to actively being hacked by

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6 Truck Driving Habits to Improve Your Mileage

When you’re driving all the time, what seems like ‘perfectly normal’ fuel prices for everyone else can stack up to a really large expense. Fleets with trucks are among the largest fuel consumers in the modern world no matter how much you optimize your vehicles, your policies, and your shipping routes. At that point, it’s up to the drivers to optimize how the truck runs on the road in order to minimize unnecessary fuel usage without reducing the quality of

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Is Your Fuel Quality Ready for Winter?

Winter is coming- let’s hope for the best but plan for the worst! Sokolis Group is committed to making sure you are receiving the highest quality fuel possible throughout the year. We always want to make sure you are paying a fair rate on your diesel prices but without quality fuel, your savings will get wiped out. That’s why we believe in the use of premium diesel fuel additives to further enhance the performance of your vehicles, especially in the

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Is Now a Good Time to Outsource Your Fuel Program?

Fuel prices have been relatively stable over the last several months as supply isn’t diminishing enough and demand isn’t exactly booming either. However, as time has shown, fuel prices are extremely unpredictable. It just takes one event or change, and prices can spike or plummet. Volatility will continue in the fuel market as much as it does in the stock market, which can keep whoever is managing your fleet’s fuel program up at night.

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$27 Billion Loss: What Does Congestion Cost Your Fleet?

With 21 million people, the city of Lagos, Nigeria is one of the world’s busiest and fastest growing metropolitan areas. And with all those people comes a nightmarish amount of traffic. “The World’s Worst Traffic Jam,” The Atlantic Wrote in 2012. Things haven’t improved since then. Reuters profiled Lagos’ traffic congestion in December of last year, describing commuters taking three hours to make a seven mile trip to work.

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