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Autonomous Vehicles: When Will They Truly Arrive?

We’ve been hearing buzz about autonomous cars for almost a century now, with the dreams of a self-driving car for everyday use showing up in fictional accounts of the future in the 1930’s. As we saw the promises of other once far-fetched inventions come to fruition, we’ve continued to wait for the reality of an autonomous vehicle. Each year it seems that we are given more exciting updates about the encroaching arrival of truly autonomous vehicles on our streets, but

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The Future of Fuel Taxes – What Might Happen as Trucks Become More Efficient

Traditionally, state governments have funded road construction through taxes on fuel. As vehicles become more efficient, though, the income from fuel tax is affected, with long-term concerns that it might eventually become insufficient. An increase in electric cars – and the introduction of electric trucks (Tesla recently unveiled an electric semi-truck) is starting to cause revenues to drop. With more than 90 percent of federal Highway Trust Fund receipts being collected at the pump, this is a very real concern.

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