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Video: Smarter Fuel-Buying Tips

With fuel prices at or near record highs, HDT Talks Trucking looks at how fleets can save money beyond better fuel mileage. Glen Sokolis is CEO of Sokolis Group, a company he founded nearly 20 years ago to help fleets save money on fuel. On this episode of the HDT Talks Trucking video podcast, Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge talks to him about why oil and fuel prices have spiked, and what fleets can do about it short- and long-term.

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Pros and Cons of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Moving away from oil is something being promoted in many areas. One of the debates is the use and production of alternative fuels. For fleet managers, the decision of whether to purchase alternative fuel vehicles means weighing up cost, reliability, and environmental concern. There are both advantages and disadvantages to alternative fuels, and some things fleet managers should consider:

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Fueling Good About 2012?

Well, we made it. Surviving 2011 wasn’t easy – the prolonged economic troubles, shifting global issues, rising food prices, etc…but look on the bright side, we made it through not one, but two threatened apocalypses! 2012 is bound to be a better year (and it only includes one Judgment Day from what I’ve heard).

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