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Working With Your Drivers to Prevent Fuel Card Fraud

Fuel cards are one of the most convenient aspects of the modern trucking industry. They ensure that every driver can get fuel when they need it, don’t have to worry about receipts or reimbursement, and that all company-related refueling stops are charged to the correct account every time. Unfortunately, fuel card fraud is also one of the biggest problems faced by companies with fleets all over the world. From being used to fill non-fleet vehicles to actively being hacked by

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Granular Urea Basket Price vs. MEGU

Debit Cards Good for Diesel Fuel Pump Skimmers

Are you one to NOT carry around cash and use your debit card for everything, even diesel fuel? I am. It’s easy to just have a debt card right? It’s like having cash but in plastic. And with all of the scams out there with the gas pumps with your credit cards, why wouldn’t you want to use your debit card?

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Diesel Fuel Prices Up Again, Diesel Fuel Prices Up Again

Do we sound like a broken record now that diesel fuel prices have gone up nine straight weeks. The cost for your fleet fueling didn’t hurt as much this week with only a .8 cent increase to $3.438 a gallon nationwide. It does make diesel fuel prices 65 cents higher than this time last year. Ouch. Listen here fellow fueling cost watchers. The gloves are off when it comes to where your fleet fueling costs are going to go. One

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