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Diesel Fuel Prices Down 6 Straight

For 6 straight weeks diesel fuel prices fell. This past week according to figures released by the Department of Energy (DOE) diesel fuel prices across the country were 1.6 cents lower to $3.977 a gallon.

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Gas Prices are Going Nowhere but Up

Gas prices have gone up 9 cents already this year. That is almost a penny a gallon a day for that fleet fuel. Diesel fuel prices in Pennsylvania are already over $4.00 a gallon putting pressure on each fleet manager budget.

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Fleet Fueling for Gas Prices Hit Highs

Diesel fuel prices have been climbing and the trucking industry has felt that over the last few months. We all have seen gas prices go up but how much has it been. Let’s call it a new gas price high for the past 28 months. For simple economic here is a new one, supply is good and demand is weak and gas prices still climb and put a pinch on fleet fueling for companies.

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