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Do You Qualify for a Fuel Tax Refund?

Throughout the year, Sokolis Group must update its records for all of the changes made to fuel taxes. It’s a tedious task to sift through the information scattered across the internet for each state. Even though there are web sites that consolidate fuel tax rates in one place, identifying potential exemptions takes more research than just glancing at summarized data. That usually means a visit to a state’s site and digging into their tax regulations.

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Proposed Fuel Tax Increase

Our roads and highways are our major means of transporting goods, providing service, and keeping our fleets moving and our business operating. Our highways need to be maintained and safe for drivers. The funds, which pay for roads, bridges, and transportation projects, come from the Federal Transportation Trust Fund.

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Thanksgiving Travel and Fuel Prices

Nearly 42.2 million travelers are expected to hit the roads or take airplanes during the Thanksgiving holiday. According to AAA, that’s an increase of 11.4 percent over last year.

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