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Household Energy Costs

When it’s cold outside do you dread going to the mailbox to get that energy or heating bill? Here at Sokolis Group we are used to finding fleet fuel discounts and matching clients with compatible fleet fuel cards. So what does a fuel management company do at home to combat the home energy issue, you’re about to find out!

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Knowing People in the Social Network, Good Fuel U?

In 1999 a new word was added to the dictionary according to that word was ‘blog’. Notably word ‘network’ has been around since the 1530’s. What happens when those two worlds come together? We get even newer words like Facebook, LinkedIn and while Twitter is not a new word, there is a new meaning. All these network applications are here for us to keep up with the ever changing pace of your respective business.

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Fuel Price Future, Maybe high, Maybe low

Talking about your wild road trips, how about the trip that fuel prices are on these days. No, no they’re not crazy, crazy like the summer of 2008 but they just move on any little noise. Like a deer in the woods.

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