Checking it Twice!

Tired of not having the time to check more into those fleet fuel invoices? Are you just signing off on them to get them off your desk? You really should be checking them twice! What about those fuel taxes that you are being charged on those fleet fuel invoices; are they correct? There are countless deferred and non-deferred fuel taxes in the U.S. that change based on where you purchased the fleet fuel, how you transported it, what type you purchased, and where it was delivered. So how are you reconciling your fuel supplier invoices to ensure they invoiced the correct taxes?

What I see in the industry are a lot of companies manually looking at a fuel invoice and guessing it is right, or their back office ‘reconciles’ the volume and prices but assumes taxes are correct. Assuming the supplier has discovered the secret to taxes can be dangerous and costly. You could be “tipping” your fuel supplier by 15% – on accident.

Best practice is to automatically audit supplier invoices through reconciliation to ensure the correct fuel taxes are on the invoice without having to pull out a calculator and manually figure it out. One way to do this is to hire Sokolis Group. Let us help you make sure you are getting the correct rates and audit your invoices for you monthly. We will check them twice not just this time of year but all year round. There are additional services provided as well when you have Sokolis Group on your side. Things like fuel management, fleet fuel programs, fuel panning, fuel consulting and so much more in Santa Sokolis bag. For more information go to and contact us today!
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