Could Diesel Fuel Prices Hit $5 in 2012

Diesel fuel prices have fallen over the last couple of weeks. They have followed the trend by crude oil prices going lower but what will happen next. We have some crazy things going on that can affect your fleet fueling.

  • Possible oil embargo talks against Iran
  • North Korean leader is dead
  • U.S. leaves Iraq

Any of these things going on at one time could make a fleet manager worry that pump prices will soon be taking off but all 3 at one time. It might be time to review your guide to fuel savings or better yet the special guide to diesel fuel prices not going to $5. Yes, I said $5 a gallon. I am not saying it’s going to happen but one never knows.

The thought of having and embargo against the #2 OPEC oil producer Iran is scary. The U.S. is putting itself out there with many other countries and trusting countries that aren’t always the most trustworthy. Let’s say these other OPEC and non OPEC countries can’t keep up with the daily production of Iran. The laws of supply and demand will surely kick in as will your diesel fuel cards credit limits.

North Korea you remember these people, the ones that the war is still not over for the last 40 years. Ok, maybe you remember them better as the country with nuclear weapons that always threaten to use them. New leader coming into office since the other leader died. What will that person be like; nice friendly or a crazy nut? Crazy nuts tend to make all world traded markets on edge. Stocks tend to go down and oil prices well, look toward the sky because that is where your diesel fuel prices would be heading.

It is great that the U.S. is finally able to leave Iraq. Iraq couldn’t take care of themselves while we were there what is it going to be like now that we left. Hold your guide to better fuel management or daily review of my fleet fueling costs. If Iraq can’t control their country your fleet management skills will truly be coming into play.

Think about this. What happens if we cut off Iran from selling fuel? Iraq can’t keep it together so Iran decides to mess with Iraq. Scary? Diesel fuel prices won’t be the only thing this fuel management guy will be thinking about.

Let’s all hope that it’s a safe and happy new year and all of this stuff will go the right direct. This way you can just call the Sokolis Group 267-482-6159 to help you lower your fueling costs.