Delivery Fuel Audit Example of a Mobile Fuel Transactions

Mobile Fueling holds a labor cost savings value to customers that choose to use it. In many instances auditing these type of transactions internally in more difficult as the transactions may not process to the card vendor at time of delivery.

If you use a mobile fuel vendor to process your fuel transactions via any type of card. Do you know how they transmit your transactions to the card provider? Many mobile fuel vendors can only submit their transactions as all or nothing. Meaning, if one transactions is rejected then all of the transactions will fail.

Depending on the card vendor, and your account setup, some of the reasons a transaction may fail are in valid unit number transmitted with card, invalid account number, or they may be waiting on a card to be setup. There are other types of errors that these are some of the more common ones.

At Sokolis Group we are managing your fuel transactions to not only ensure that the pricing is in line but we also confirm that there are fuel transactions submitted by your mobile fuel vendor on our delivery days. 267-482-6155 call now.