Desktop Management

Many of us spend long hours at our desks, so to help make the workday comfortable and productive it helps to create an environment conducive to clear thinking. By establishing a good desk environment you are guaranteed to improve your efficiency and achieve more in your day.

The paperless desk:

Remove all paperwork from your desk – create files for your projects, reference folders for information you need to access regularly, a reading file for articles, reports, journals and FYI documents and a daily files for administrative, miscellaneous and day specific tasks. Keep your files on shelves or in drawers. The only thing on your desk at any point in time should be information relating to the task or project you are currently working on.

Stationery drawer:

Keep stationery in desk drawers rather than on your desk. Get rid of all clutter and keep your desk clear for essential items relating to the current piece of work you are doing.

Inspire yourself:

Surround yourself with positive images. Keep a photo or phrase that motivates you in view to remind you of and motivate you toward continually striving for your goals.

What are some of the things that work for you? Share with us…