Diesel Fuel Additive Management, Produce Fuel Savings

When you’re a fleet manager with more than a couple of locations, sometimes it’s difficult to track all moving parts in the field. If you have over 100 locations like SRS, it becomes increasing difficult.

Our diesel fuel additive management program has allowed fleet managers to lean on us to ensure that their branches have the right amount of diesel fuel additive to ensure their trucks don’t freeze during the winter.

It also goes much farther than that, with diesel fuel not being the same as it once was, having diesel fuel additive put into your trucks diesel fuel tanks will help improve:

  • Peak fleet fuel performance for your vehicles
  • Extend engine life
  • Lower fleet fuel exhaust emissions
  • Water removal from your saddle fuel tanks on your trucks

SRS reached out to Sokolis Group to help them with their winter fuel additive this past winter. With locations from Florida to Denver and all points in between there are many different winter challenges.

We communicate with each manager on their diesel fuel additive needs:

  • Our review of the weather for each location, to track usage
  • The follow up with the diesel fuel additive manufacturer, shipping company and branch manager to ensure the delivery is there
  • Diesel fuel testing with lab test so as a fleet manager you don’t have to worry about those cold winters Monday morning.

SRS during the winter time was able to focus on deliveries to their clients and not worrying about trucks gelling up, diesel fuel prices or where to buy their diesel fuel. Why? They had Sokolis Group! There entire program was in check!

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