Diesel Fuel Price Up!

Diesel fuel prices rose for a second consecutive week, rising 2.4 cents to $3.89 a gallon, while gas prices jumped 7 cents to $3.673. Diesel fuel had declined for 10 weeks prior to the current gains, dropping 31.4 cents in that string of downturns.

Despite the increases, diesel fuel is now 6.6 cents below the same week last year, while gas prices are 4.2 cents under a year ago. Think about all of the ups and downs in diesel fuel prices and gas prices and here we are one fuel year later and we are basically a nickel away from what we were 52 weeks ago. Talking about a fleet managers wild ride over the year.

Gasoline, which had declined 26.4 cents in nine previous straight declines, has increased 15.3 cents in the past three weeks of increases. The gas price increase was the biggest in three months, since the motor fuel rose 13.6 cents on Feb. 18.

What’s up doc? As I said a few week ago diesel fuel prices and gas prices will be up short term. Expect that to continue for another few weeks. To keep your company protected make sure your fleet management program continues or starts to strategically source its fleet fuel. You can never have enough check and balances in place to prevent fuel theft so stay on top of it. Truck stops pricing will always lag the market as they try to maintain as high of diesel fuel margins as possible.

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