Diesel Fuel Prices and Lady Luck

Diesel fuel prices up, diesel fuel prices down. Where is it and why? The same can be said about gas prices but the answer is not easy. Last week, I was asked for a prediction on diesel fuel prices for the next 12 years. I wanted to say, I can’t go to a casino and predict Black or Red enough on roulette, so I don’t gamble but you want our company to predict diesel fuel prices, not for next week, but for 12 years in the future?

Well we turn to the good old Department of Energy better known as the DOE. Now if there is anyone we would feel more comfortable with giving us a prediction it’s a government agency. The DOE predictions cover 25 years of future diesel fuel prices, gas prices, crude oil, propane and any other kind of energy.

If they were a baseball player they would never make the Hall of Fame. Actually, I don’t think they would make it out of the minor leagues, but given the same task, who could?

I am 46 years old, when I was 10 and watching the Jetsons, I thought by the time I got to be my present age we would be flying around in space crafts. Even in in 1976, when my Dad took me to the Philadelphia Phillies game and “Rocketman” was there flying around in his jet pack, I would’ve thought that nearly 40 years later we should all have these things instead of cars for short trip, right?

But truthfully, we don’t. We have some hybrids, a few electric cars and now CNG, or LNG vehicles, but really what happen? 40 years, 40 years some guy way back when had the Jetsons idea. Think of all of the things that happen in forty years. Computers in this country and almost everywhere and they’re getting smaller every day. Pads and cell phones that act like computers from 40 years ago, and Recycling (who would have thought of that when people use to change their oil in their car by a storm sewer), the list of things is never ending.

Why nothing like the Jetsons? Seems safer to me than a motorcycle.

I have gone way off topic but I hope it brought back some nostalgia to most of you. The best way to truly manage diesel fuel and gas prices in your fleet management is to understand margins, markups or whatever you want to call it. Get it, know it and manage it for your company.

Or even better yet, Outsource, NO, not to India or China, to Warrington, PA, USA. We will make sure your all of your fleet fuel is handled correctly and make all CFO’s and Fleet Managers hero’s!

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