Diesel Fuel Prices Are Higher So Are Fleet Fueling Thefts

It really takes simple math as anything goes up in price it becomes more valuable to steal so as diesel fuel prices have made it almost 60 cents higher than this time last year, the theft of peoples fleet fueling has gone up. Diesel fuel price over $3.40 a gallon have caused increase fueling theft, not to the levels of a couple of years ago but the fleet fueling price isn’t that high yet…

Go on Google news, put in diesel fuel prices, diesel fuel thefts, gas stolen, fueling stolen and you will see in the last few weeks there has been an increase that only fueling theft could like. Who is stealing this fleet fuel out of your fuel management budget? Well, you don’t have to look far. In most cases it’s your own fleet companies employee who decided at $3.50 a gallon it was worth the risk in losing their job. How does someone who works for you steal diesel fuel from you? The list is almost endless. Their own fleet management controls that you can have in place to prevent or at least tip you off that our fuel saving are going out the lack of fuel management window.

Simple steps for controlling your fleet fueling and risk of fueling theft are:

  • Fuel card, fleet card, fleet credit cards
  • Knowing how to use these fueling cards to provide fleet management solutions
  • There are fueling limits, checks and balances fuel cards and fleet cards have
  • Your fleet manager, fuel manager or maybe an Outsourced fuel management company needs to review, line by line fueling transactions to ensure fuel analysis and no fueling theft

With diesel fuel prices high the fueling theft could come from your fueling company. The fuel companies might not be delivery what they are saying they delivered if you have bulk fueling or mobile fueling. This is why it is critical that mobile fueling has checks and balances and fuel audits in place. With bulk fueling you need fuel inventory management to make sure your fleet management program is working. As diesel fuel prices go higher so does diesel fuel additives and that to can be stolen right out from under your fleet companies operations. Diesel fuel additives need an inventory system or your fuel savings can be lost on them as well.