Diesel Fuel Prices Are What? Why?

The expression it’s too good to be true it probably is. How about diesel fuel prices or gas prices? As reported in Oil Express fleet fueling industry newsletter by Oil Price Information Service ( OPIS , a Houston fuel companies operator has been charged with $30 million dollars for deliberately miscalibrating fueling pumps. According to Oil Price Information Service ( OPIS ), the fleet fueling operator did not calibrate the fueling pumps according to Texas regulations.

When the fuel companies operator found out that the state officials were on to the companies long going scam they tried to recalibrate fueling pumps or put fueling pumps out of service. It’s not totally clear how much fuel was stolen from fleet companies and consumers or if the fleet fueling marketer was trying to post lower diesel fuel prices ad gas prices to control the market. Through fleet cards, fuel cards and fleet fueling receipts in an 8 week period of time over 727,000 fraudulent fueling sales were made.

We have told clients for years not to buy fleet fueling at retail locations it certain parts of the country, no matter what the diesel fuel prices are. See if every other fleet fueling or even mobile fueling provider is charging X and there are other fleet fueling or mobile fueling companies charging Y but your only getting 8/10th or 9/10th of a gallon, are these diesel fuel prices really cheaper? There are a lot of place to purchase your fleet fueling or get your fleet companies trucks mobile fueling most are very good quality suppliers. The state’s control weighs & measure that handle fueling pumps calibration. Most locations are checked for proper fueling calibration by the state one time per year.

You can see how fuel companies can mess with fleet companies, miles per gallon and potential fuel savings. If you are suspicions call your local state agency.

Let’s make sure for your diesel fuel prices you’re not buying fuel today and getting fueled (fooled) tomorrow. Let our fuel management system and fleet fueling consulting staff helps you.