Diesel Fuel Prices Fall Slightly for December 9, 2013

The DOE reported the national cost for diesel fuel prices fell four-tenths of a penny to $3.879 a gallon. After coming off 2 straight weeks of increases it’s nice to see a fall back. The national average diesel fuel cost is 11.2 cents lower than a year ago at this time.

Gas prices slipped slightly by three-tenths of a gallon to $3.269. This occurred even though we were coming off a week earlier when it was one of the most traveled weeks of the year. Gas prices are 8 cents less a gallon than this time a year ago.

The biggest story right now when it comes to gas prices or diesel fuel is from the product these two fuel are derived from which is crude oil. Not so much the cost of crude oil which stood on Friday the 6th at $97.65 but the amount of crude oil we have in stock.

Crude oil stockpiles are at 385.8 million barrels and compared to a year ago that is a 3.8% increase, so much so that our exports of crude oil have gone up considerably over the last few months.

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