Diesel Fuel Prices, Ups and Downs but Who is Watching?

Look at the chart on diesel fuel prices over the past 3 years. Tell me it’s not scary in trying to figure out where they are going to be next week, next month or 6 months from now. You can’t control what happens to drive diesel fuel prices all over the board. You can control the margin you pay?

Oh yes, you can. Whether the price was $4.71 a gallon or $2.09 or $3.92 a gallon, there was a profit margin that your fuel vendor made from your company. The fuel vendors margin changes all of the time. Would you like to have some control of a large spend like your fleet fueling? What is a fair and reasonable margin that you should be charged?

That would depend on a lot of factors. These would include how well do you understand diesel fuel prices? Who are your contacts in the fuel industry? How large is your fleet of vehicles and how much diesel fuel are you buying?

If I told you that most vendors can make more margin from you when diesel fuel prices were low than when they are high would you believe me? The fact is if you are not watching the market, reviewing indexes, auditing fuel invoices your company wouldn’t know if it is pay a penny to much a gallon or 50 cents to much a gallon. Really, would you know if the invoice is correct or if you believed you had a pricing deal that was over rack. What is rack? Is it the same rack every day? Do you get that rack price? So how do you know? We do know and we know what information is important so you get the best deal, pay a consistent low margin and we manage it for you every step of the way. From fuel audits, to price negotiations, overcharge credits and you don’t have to do a thing. Why?

At Sokolis Group we become part of your fuel department. Most companies can’t afford their own fuel department, heck most companies don’t have the time or expertise! We do and our clients love us for it because we save them thousands to tens of thousands of dollars per month in diesel fuel costs. They get reports, that are very easy to read and summarized. We even create new reports just for them because at the end of the day our clients, are our business.

Have you ever dealt with a fuel card company or large oil company that sold you on bells and whistles. Those bells and whistles are great if you can understand the reports they send you or they call you back in a timely fashion when you have an issue. After all, every company is going to have some sort of issue, it’s how you handle it that separates the great companies that you want as your vendor from the mediocre ones.

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