Fleet Fueling Creatures

People are creatures of habit. We wake up at the same time, eat the same breakfast, stop at the same coffee shop etc. Fueling up our vehicles is no exception. We go to the same gas station, grab a lottery ticket, pump the gas and continue on with our lives without even stopping to think about it. But what if you did stop and think about the price of fuel? Are your drivers fueling at the lowest price station in your area? Could they be receiving a discount? Well, here at the Sokolis Group our team of fuel experts does that for you.

When you become a client of Sokolis Group you will get the best possible fuel savings while still maintaining the drives routing area. Sokolis Group is able to put deals in place for our clients at truck stops which saves them between 5-40 cents per gallon. This becomes the client’s network fueling stations. In order to achieve these savings the discounted stations need to be distributed to the field regularly to create new fueling habits. This is another area where Sokolis Group steps in. Sokolis Groups fuel experts do extensive research to find network truck stops along your driver’s routes. Reports are created and sent out to the field

Reports are created and customized for each client and shared with the field where savings were missed.