Fleet Fueling Tips, Holiday Style

It’s the holiday season, so here are 3 fleet fueling tips that you might want to consider.

  1. Use fuel incentive programs. Capture data to compare drivers against their peers based on mpg, idle time and other fuel metrics, and offer cash rebates and rewards for performance.
    Consider taking a team approach to encourage top-performing drivers to mentor less-efficient drivers. Don’t rely solely on mpg as a measuring stick, as there are too many variables outside the driver’s control.
  2. Eliminate fuel theft. Truckstops and fleets are beginning to use cardless systems with infrared technology and/or radio frequency identification that prevent fuel purchases from going into the wrong tank. Still very new so until all the bugs are working out using your fuel card or fleet fueling card will be ok.
  3. Run in your engine’s sweet spot. Once you reach cruising speed, operating in the peak torque zone gives you optimum horsepower so that the engine runs most efficiently. It takes only about 200 horsepower to maintain 65 mph.

Lower fleet fueling costs don’t always happen by just having lower diesel fuel prices. Sometimes you need to work a little to get there but remember the less diesel fuel you burn the more money your company will make. And that will bring music to any CEO, fleet manager, CFO or fuel manager anyday.