Fleet Management; ABC’s? NO MPG’s!

We talk about fleet management and diesel fuel prices a lot in our newsletter, as we should since many companies have entrusted us to be their company’s outsourced fuel department. Those topics are crucial to our business and therefore yours. As part of a good fuel management program, your fleet management MUST include a miles per gallon analysis. Let’s face it if we can improve your overall MPG’s by even just a bit, there are HUGE SAVINGS to be had!

A complete fuel management program generally begins with fuel purchasing and ends with vehicle fuel consumption. We service many different companies and if we aren’t servicing you, we should be 267-482-6155!

The amount 0f miles fleets can log each year, per truck, varies from fleet to fleet. We are offering a brand new program to our all of current clients. Here is how it works:

Let’s assume that diesel fuel prices are $3.80 per gallon, cheaper than they are today but let’s go with that for argument’s sake. Let’s assume your truck drives 100,000 miles a year because from this point it is easy for you to calculate what is being left on the table from a MPG standpoint. Let’s also assume your trucks are currently getting 6.0 mpg’s.

If we can improve your MPG’s by JUST .1 mpg on 100,000 miles your company would save $1,041 on each unit per year. At 50,000 miles you would save $520. Now, this is where fleet management really can make a difference. If diesel fuel prices go up, you achieve more savings and honestly, how many of us really believe we will be paying less than $3.80 a gallon for diesel fuel over the long term.

Here is a 2nd scenario, your company has 250 trucks and you do 50,000 miles a year, JUST .1 mpg improvement gets you a yearly fuel savings of $130,000. So why isn’t your fleet manager doing this? Well it’s not as simple as it seems. It could be, however, with a little help from a friend, say an outsourced fuel department.

If we are currently managing your fleet we have your fuel purchasing under control and if we aren’t managing your diesel fuel when we do we can get you fuel purchases. We make sure that all drivers enter their odometer readings.

Then we do our view of the “Hawthorn Theory” on all of the drivers, that’s the theory that states they want more than just a job. They want measurement tools, they want to know where they stand compared to others in the company and nobody wants to be at the bottom of the monthly MPG list.

We provide monthly reports by branch and by company. We review branch averages and compare them to company averages and push the data to your locations. Yes, maybe its peer pressure not to be the low guy on the MPG list but if that helps make your drivers a little more careful about hard shifting, longer idling or excess speed it’s a WIN! At the end of the day this type of information can save anywhere come $130,000 to several millions of dollars a year!

Information comes from everywhere today and sometimes it is not reviewed or passed down to the people that can really make the difference, the driver! We’ve made this happen for other companies and we can make it happen for you.

If your thinking about improving your by .3 mpg that’s not possible! Why because does the driver leave the truck running, yes. You might have an anti idle device but he probably turns if off and turns if back on when he’s done. Do you have your trucks governed at a certain speed, hard shifting, hard braking, etc?

The truth is basically in the total MPG’s. So let’s get to work! Sure Sokolis Group will get your diesel fuel prices lower and your compliance a lot tighter regarding your OTR. Now, let us help you drive home even more fuel savings, with a total review of ways to save on fuel economy and even better, let us MANAGE IT and drive costs down.

They don’t call us fuel management experts for nothing. Let’s give it a try. We could do a percentage of savings plan for you. What do you have to lose if you do it? Ill tell you, NOTHING!! It will all be gains, gains to the bottom line, gains in driver productivity, time gained in your staff’s schedule!

You want to start saving right? Call now 267-482-6155 or email Cproud@sokolisgroup.com.