Fleet Manager at Times a No Win Situation

A fleet manager can make or break either big businesses or small businesses. They often have such hectic lives both inside and out of the office, they don’t even know they are making mistakes they could easily fix and save thousands.

And in an economy like this, people of such high power cannot afford to be so naïve, and, in the process, putting many peoples jobs and lives in jeopardy. Fleet managers need to be made aware of these common mistakes the average fleet manager makes and learn from others mistakes to make their own business prosper. In most cases, let’s face it the fleet manager has so many things to juggle during the day, everything is an important topic. Drivers, diesel fuel prices, warehouse, shippments, office staff and the bottomline.

We are not faulting anyone here. A fleet manager is like the central nerve system of the company.

The number one mistake fleet managers make most often is not using a fleet fuel card. These fuel cards are designed to help the fleet manager save money on fuel and fleet maintenance.

They also aid in tracking and monitoring of fuel expenses for accurate bookkeeping. And in this day in age, saving time is the best way for fuel savings. Fleet fuel cards can save your business thousands of money every month which could be used on office supplies, a better office, or hey, even a company retreat!

When you have regular team meetings monthly or even weekly, it can eliminate all these problems before they get out of hand and distract everyone in the office. If the fleet manager is “on” all the time, he or she can even cause office tension to arise. So it is important, as a fleet manager, to schedule downtime with colleagues, friends or family to relax and take your mind off the business for a few minutes. This gives your brain a break for a little, allowing you to come back to work fully energized and ready to think of new, more developed ways to improve your business to the fullest.

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