Fleet Managers Forced to Delay Driver Pay Increases?

A recent study suggests that most fleet companies have continued to steer away from raising their drivers pay this year. This is mainly due to the US economy of course, but it’s not all bad news. About 80% of those carrier/fleet owners are expecting that they will have to raise pay as the economy recovers.

Pay is said to increase by 2-4 cents a mile in the next year, which is better than the 0 cents they’ve changed so far this year for most fleet companies. Most fleet managers and fleet companies are confident the economy is on the rise, but not exactly sure when and where it will end up. They are cautious as they wait for their freight to increase, and while raises haven’t been increasing, sign-on bonuses have increased. Bonuses are said to have increased for fleet management drivers over the past year from $1,000 in the first quarter to $2,500 in the third.

While most fleets are cautious with increases in pay because of rising diesel fuel prices there are the exceptions of fleet companies that have raised their fleets pay. The problem is that the spread between the highest and lowest pay currently is about 15 cents a mile. The average spread is usually about 9 cents.

For you drivers out there waiting patiently for your time to come just keep plugging along. If you want to be proactive contact our office and learn how your company could receive fuel savings by using our services. Our fuel management system will work with fuel cards, mobile fueling, fleet cards, fleet fueling and bulk fueling. Whatever your fleet’s situation is, our account managers and team can work with you to save you money.