Fleet Purchasing Policy

Most companies today if not all have credit cards. Most trucking companies need a way to pay for their fleet fuel. That’s not different than the rest of the fuel buying world, except it’s usually a lot more quantity. How a lot of them do this is by using a fleet fuel card. This is a good start to helping you buy and manage your fuel, but after that there are precautions you should take. I’d like to give you a few pointers or tips on how you should use your fleet fuel card:

  • Control fleet spending while monitoring use
    • Set a daily limit for your drivers and monitor transactions. This will cut unnecessary costs and eliminate any fraud. If you have a large fleet you might need a fuel management company such as us to help with looking at thousands of transactions a month or year.
  • Opportunities for savings
    • When buying a lot of anything you will usually get better pricing. If you talk to the right people (Sokolis Group for example) you can get discounted pricing on your fuel purchases. Sometimes you might need to limit your fuel vendors to a few rather than a lot.
  • Saving time
    • If you’re using a fleet card always pay at the pump. This is much quicker which eliminates wasted time and gets them back on the road where they’re making your company money.
  • Work as a team
    • If everyone is on the same page your plan will be more successful. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one set of eyes looking over your fuel purchases. Fuel is one of your biggest expenses if not biggest when you’re a truck company. Having a third party such as the Sokolis Group do everything from monitoring your transactions for fraud, better pricing, and an outside opinion to help your business lower bottom line costs.