Fleets Reduce Cost and Save Time by Outsourcing Fuel Management

iStock_000014466508_Small.jpgFleet Managers can be certain of one thing; fuel price volatility. Fuel prices have been on a roller coaster that has recently been climbing after several months of significant declines. Volatility will continue into the foreseeable future which makes a Fleet Manager’s job even more difficult. Managing fuel costs to the annual budget set months ago is nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, fuel price volatility is not the only problem for companies with fleets. Driver retention and driver shortage issues continue to plague the industry and are anticipated to continue getting worse. In addition, Fleet Managers may be dealing with aging vehicles that require more attention and maintenance compared to fleets that have had vehicles replaced within the standard timeframe.

Fleet Managers might feel like they are on their own when it comes to solving the various problems they face on a daily basis. However, when it comes to fuel management, outsourcing is a solution that merits attention because of its potential to drive significant value to a company’s bottom line.

When compared with other expenditures, fuel costs are second only to payroll for most transport companies. Therefore, it is vital that these firms manage fuel costs proactively, as it is the only way to manage them effectively. Because the savings potential is so large, but the time required can be significant, many Fleet Managers recognize the value of outsourcing.

Simply put, the knowledge, experience and technology employed by outsourced fuel management experts can yield more savings than most Fleet Managers could ever achieve on their own. Outsourced fuel management experts are also able to leverage their industry network to negotiate advantageous supply contracts while also helping to minimize the impact of price volatility. In addition to better, and less volatile pricing, outsourced fuel management provides invoice price verification and reconciliation at the individual transaction level.

Outsourcing fuel management also helps Fleet Managers get their arms around the other problems they regularly face. With an outside team of experts handling fuel management, Fleet Managers can spend more time, energy and some of the money they are saving on increasing driver retention. The happier the drivers are, the greater the retention, which in turn improves overall operations.

Some of the savings made possible by fuel management outsourcing can also be used to reinvest in the fleet itself or used for infrastructure investment in other areas. When invested back in the fleet, it can also yield benefits such as reduced maintenance costs for the fleet’s vehicles. Newer and upgraded vehicles will also help improve driver retention and overall operations. This makes fuel management a win-win situation for Fleet Managers and their companies.

Sokolis Group provides outsourced fuel management with numerous Top 500 fleets that understand the importance of having a team of fueling experts working for them. We have the ability to negotiate fueling supply contracts and fuel card fees, audit every price on your fuel invoices down to the individual transaction, evaluate the best fueling method for each of your locations, and provide customized reporting for Fleet Managers and CFOs, while accommodating any special needs and conditions for your company. The result is a tightly managed program that provides fuel savings beyond what almost any company can achieve on its own.

Find out for yourself how outsourcing fuel management can lower your costs and save you time. Call Sokolis Group at 267-482-6155 or reach out directly to Conor Proud at 267-482-6159, e-mail at cproud@SokolisGroup.com.