Fuel Card Fraud, Don’t Let It Happen To You To Your Fleet Management!

A crime that hit ATM machines over the past years is now hitting the fuel card industry. It is called white card fraud, in the fleet card business. Please warn your drivers. Here is how it works:

The criminal puts a device over the top of the fuel card reader at the pump. The device looks like an upgraded or more durable fleet credit card reader. It is not; actually it is a small computer that reads your fuel cards information after you’ve swiped it. Some of these devices can work with WI-FI signals so they can grab the fleet cards information as it happens. In most cases the criminal comes back after a few hours, takes the device and retains your fleet fuel card information. Once they have gathered all of the critical fuel credit card information they create a white credit fuel card and place all of the your information on as if it was their own and provides them with fuel card features from your fleet management.

With some of the better fleet card companies you may only get taken for 1 or 2 transactions per fleet card before the fleet credit card services hits its limits. With other fuel credit card you may be hit worse.


  • Inform your drivers of what can happen to their fuel credit card, which will clearly cut out any fuel savings that could have had and hurt you fleet management.
  • Have them look at the fleet cards swipe device at the pump before swiping. If it doesn’t look right inform the attendant at station or call the police before you have serious diesel fuel prices on your fleet fuel cards.
  • Check each fleet card, fueling transactions for multiple fill ups daily for fuel companies usage.
  • When using your fleet cards make sure you have additional prompts set up at the pump for your fleet credit card for fuel saving on the diesel fuel price. For example: Driver ID or Unit number that fleet managers know and that can limit fleet fuel card misusage by your driver or fuel companies.

Paying at the pump is still the best way to process transactions, just be cautious. This will help reduce fleet cards being used in the wrong way. It is also good for fleet companies to use diesel fuel additives to improve your mpg, fueling time, fuel savings and the best fleet management and fuel management system.