Fuel Management Client Saves On Diesel Fuel Costs

No a client of ours needed a fuel management solution 3 years ago, so they came to us for fuel savings, fuel card programs and fueling controls. What they didn’t know was costing them a large amount of fuel saving. This is a major company with a very familiar name but they didn’t understand fleet management for fuel. Our fuel management team overhauled the client’s total fueling program. We switch out fuel cards and put an additional fuel card in place for added fuel saving.

It’s usually difficult for fleet companies operations to have two different fuel cards for the fear of fueling theft but with our fuel management system we are able to do this. They were receiving bulk fueling from a long time vendor and relationships are great but fuel savings is better.

We were able to achieve both with the fuel companies concessions on diesel fuel prices. Our client has been happy with our fuel management program but like most things in life, if you can’t see or feel it daily you wonder if you are really getting what you are paying for.

Late last year when we were doing our normal fuel auditing of invoices that had already been paid by our client, we discover an issue within their diesel fuel prices for their bulk delivery. After more research and review, we were able to get our client a very large 4 digit refund. The fuel companies billing staff had made a mistake; if our fueling audits didn’t catch it, our client’s fuel budget and fuel saving would have been lost. Are you losing money and don’t even know it. Call 267-482-6160