Fuel Management Will Help Your Fleet Management In 2011

Diesel Fuel Prices Will Raise, Use Fuel Management System Too Keep Fleet Fueling Control

Last day of twenty ten is here and diesel fuel prices have raised over the past few months, as a fleet manager, if you want to try and control your fleet management, have a solid fuel management program in place to control your fleet fueling prices. 2011 will not be an easy year for most fleet companies looking for fleet management solutions. All signs for an increase in diesel fuel prices are there and when fleet fueling costs increase so will diesel fuel additives. With fuel savings being possibly difficult to achieve, fleet fuel management, fleet credit card, fuel cards, fleet credit card services, mobile fueling all might be your best friend when it comes to fueling.

What can you do today to help your fleet management solutions for 2011, nothing? Relax it’s a holiday weekend and your fueling and fleet management issues will be there on Monday, January 3rd so spend sometime with the family and celebrate you made it through another year. Now Monday when you walk into the office it’s start to work hard over the next couple of weeks on your fuel management system and what fleet management services are going to be a priority for your fleet companies operations. If you’re a fleet manager, we think this is a good way to attack your fleet management programs.

  • Review you’re your current fleet cards, fuel credit card, fleet card, fleet fuel card, fleet credit card services, fuel cards almost every fleet companies operations use one of these fleet management programs as part of its fuel savings plan.
  • Review your fuel companies, mobile fueling, fleet fueling, and mobile fueling service these are fleet management services that are brought to your fleet companies and without your knowledge can increase your diesel fuel prices if you are not performing fuel audits.

After taking these fleet management actions, you should have a fair to good understanding where your fuel management system is at for 2011. If you, your fleet manager or fuel manager is not sure what are the next best fleet management services you should be taken, call Sokolis Group at 267-482-6155 we will be happy to help with fuel savings. If through your fuel analysis on your fleet fuel management program you found you need help with fuel cards, mobile fueling, diesel fuel additives, fleet cards, fuel card program you need to take action now. If the Sokolis Group isn’t going to be your fuel management direction, then you need to call your fuel companies fleet manager up and find out what diesel or gas margin they are charging your fleet companies operation. See if you can provide a fuel audit or have a fuel audit done for your company before approaching your mobile fueling, fleet fueling and fuel companies fleet fuel manager, you as a fleet manager will know if you have fuel savings or if your diesel fuel prices are higher than they should be. As you talk to your mobile fueling or fleet fueling supplier and they explain to you why your fuel savings aren’t as what you expect and explain to you that you are paying the correct diesel fuel prices, you as the fleet fuel manager for your fleet companies operation would know if your fuel companies be honest with you. If the mobile fueling company is being honest with you, its time to bring in a new fleet fueling company for better fuel management.

This same holds true for your diesel fuel cards, fleet cards, fleet credit card as part of your fleet management program. With proper fuel auditing, fuel analysis, fleet management consulting your company will know if the fuel card or fleet card company is giving you the best deal for your fleet management solutions. If you have bulk fueling, you are going to want to make sure your fuel inventory management is in solid shape for 2011. If your fleet fuel management does not have a good fuel inventory management program this is an area where fueling theft can take place cutting into your fuel savings.

The worse thing you can do for 2011 for your fuel management system to control diesel fuel prices is to do nothing. Sokolis Group has done fuel audits on hundreds of fleet companies from small companies to large Fortune 500 companies. We have yet to see fleet fueling by any of these companies to be flawless. They all could use fuel consulting help. If they all got a little fuel consulting, fleet management consulting help their fueling program and fuel savings would be well ahead of their competitors. With Twenty Eleven and diesel fuel prices looking to be stronger than in recent times, take consideration into the fact that your probably not a fuel management expert and if as a fleet manager you are, you probably don’t have enough time in your day to properly put solid fleet management in place and do all of the other fueling solution above. Happy New Year.