Fuel Purchasing Management

If you are like most companies, you don’t have your own “fuel desk” with expert, experienced people calling the shots on one of your biggest expenses. You want to manufacture and deliver your goods – not spend precious time monitoring volatile fuel markets. You want to keep your trucks on the road and get your goods to market.

At the same time, you care about fuel because it affects your bottom line. IN A BIG WAY. Why risk it? Sokolis Group works with you to become your own fuel desk. We cut the cost of fueling your fleet – you get to spend more money and time on your core business.

Here’s what you get with Sokolis Group:

  • Strategic sourcing – we know the markets, we have the fuel supply contracts. We will create and manage a thorough fuel buying program that will save you thousands. Your size doesn’t matter – whether you are a small owner operator, or a Fortune 500 Company – we’ve helped them all.
  • Negotiating – 90% of fuel buyers don’t know how to negotiate a fuel deal, or write a reliable fuel contract. Our experts have more than 125 years experience getting the best deals and putting them in writing.
  • Mobile fueling – we understand it better than anyone else. Keep your drivers moving – not spending wasted time deciding where to buy fuel. Let us help you decide whether fueling on YOUR site is the right way to go.
  • Bulk fuel buying – It’s convenient, but requires businesses to monitor several things: equipment upkeep, environmental and insurance regulations, and whether you’re getting the best price on the days your tank needs to be filled.


With Sokolis Group Fleet Fuel Management Support, we maximize savings every step of the fuel purchasing process.