Fuel Purchase Negotiations

According to Oil Price Information Service, more than 90% of current fuel purchase agreements are badly written. Fuel specs are incorrect or price buying points are missing. Or the contract is flat out lopsided to the supplier’s benefit and doesn’t maximize YOUR BUYING LEVERAGE. Sokolis Group has written hundreds of fuel contracts that are accurate and fair to you – the fuel buyer. 

Whether it is crafting an RFP, or doing knuckle down negotiations with the fuel supplier, Sokolis Group provides insight, expertise, and accountability. Our staff of industry experts will hit the negotiating table running, and come out with the best deal for you. And, our services don’t end when the contract is signed – we hold your hand every step of the way, and make sure you get all the accounting and reports that you need. Have a question? Our Customer Service group is always available to get you a quick, easy to understand answer.

If you are like many businesses, your growth means that fuel requirements also grow. Sokolis Group is continuously adjusting your fuel buying program to reflect your growing business.