Fuel Supplier Relationship Management

The relationship you have with the companies that supply you fuel are among the most important – and expensive – business relationships you will have.

In the fuel world,

  • Fuel suppliers are consolidating and changing ownership all the time
  • Fuel suppliers move in and out of fuel markets regularly
  • Environmental fuel regulations are changing all the time and are becoming more complicated
  • Fuel supply deals need to be reviewed and tweaked as your business changes

Maybe you are a local trucking company that serves a small market. Or perhaps you are a regional company that serves multiple states. Or perhaps you are a nationwide carrier that serves hundreds of markets around the United States. It’s important to know that when it comes to fuel, NO TWO U.S. FUEL MARKETS ARE THE SAME.

You don’t have time to pick fuel suppliers and to engage and manage those relationships. You need to focus on your core business. LET SOKOLIS GROUP MANAGE THOSE RELATIONSHIPS FOR YOU.

We will

  • Make sure you are compliant with the fuel regulations required in the markets you buy fuel
  • Make sure to be in constant touch with suppliers to adjust contract wording, if necessary
  • Make sure you get regular oversight auditing
  • Regularly review your fuel “spend,” and help you get the best deal from the supplier
Don’t spend time haggling with fuel suppliers – let Sokolis Group put their 125 years of experience and deep relationships within the fuel supply world to work for you.