Fuel Savings Flow for Water Company

This client is one of the largest publicly traded water companies in the country. They have operations in more than a dozen states and buy diesel fuel and gas with their fuel card in addition to using bulk tanks for on-highway and off-highway use fuel.

Most days, the water company’s drivers don’t know where they will be going until they come into work.

With the water company’s bulk fuel purchases, Sokolis Group was able to facilitate a competitive bidding process with a number of well-qualified vendors. Sokolis Group also changed the benchmark that the company had used in the past for its bulk fueling bids to a much more competitive index. Invoices from awarded suppliers are continuously audited by Sokolis Group to ensure that prices agree to the established index.

By improving the bidding process, the client was able to save more than $140,000 just in the first year. Additionally, the fueling data they now receive far surpasses what they had in the past.

Since some drivers start from certain areas which don’t have bulk fuel, and others start where bulk fuel is available, Sokolis Group created a system using the client’s fuel card to determine where their drivers should fuel. This allows less out-of-route miles for the drivers and — more importantly — gives the water company greater control over their fuel spend.

“Sokolis Group’s knowledge of the fuel supply chain is unmatched,” said the company’s fleet manager. “They have helped us save a lot of money and improved our vendor service.”