Fuel Savings Gadgets Work?

Are you thinking on getting a new car or truck for your company or yet even personal car? What type of vehicle do you get that won’t break your wallet with gas? Or do you keep your old vehicle and add gadgets to help save on fuel. There is so much out there to look at and yet they have more gadgets available now for your vehicles to help save on fuel.

There are devices out there that can cost anywhere from $35 to $300 to help improve fuel economy. These devices have been around for some time but come to light when gas prices increase month to month. One familiar type of fuel saver looks like a fan or turbine made of sheet metal or plastic. Its installed on your vehicle’s air-intake system. This is supposed to help improve fuel combustion inside the engines by causing incoming air to swirl. Another type of device works on the diesel fuel to make it burn more efficiently. Some inject air, water, or other vapors into the fuel mixture before it enters in the engine. Others may use heaters to expand the fuel or employ magnets attached to the fuel line to modify the fuel.

However, whatever you read about or learn some auto industry officials and federal energy experts state that most add-ons don’t work. They have tested products that claim to boost fuel economy and found they generally don’t improve vehicles efficiency and they may actually hard performance and increase emissions.

So if you are looking to save on fuel you may just want to get a new vehicle or call Sokolis Group and let them help with a fuel management program. You may not be able to save on fuel with gadgets but Sokolis Group will help your buy fuel better. Call 267-482-6155 or visit us on the web at www.SokolisGroup.com for more information.