Fueling Success

If you are a Fleet Manager, CFO, President, Owner or Purchasing Department you must have a comprehensive approach to fuel management. Yes, fuel costs are lower now than 2 years ago but they won’t always be and even if they are lower, doesn’t your company deserve a program that provides security of supply and improved economics of your fuel buying? Don’t spend your fleet companies money on extra diesel fuel prices that your fuel companies might be charging you.

Six keys areas should be examined.

  • Spend analysis – determine market by market, site by site
  • Benchmarking – baseline and compare to published market metrics and establish industry best practices
  • Supply strategy – a proper balance of supply security with cost, margin and service contracting- coordinate operations, accounting, legal and safety teams to maximize opportunity.
  • Execution – having a playbook is one thing but making sure the plays actually get made is another.
  • Audit – all bills, invoices and transactions need to be completely reviewed. Companies make mistakes sometimes. Also, industry statistics say 81% of all fuel stolen is from within your own company.

Now that you have the basics go ahead and save your company money. Need more help? Don’t understand or have the time to dig into this kind of project?

Let Sokolis Group’s fuel management and fuel consulting team help. We have saved companies tens of thousands of dollars a year to over a million dollars a year. We are professional in fuel management, negotiations, auditing, fuel card maintenance and determining what type of fleet fueling program will save your company the most money. Is it better bulk fuel buying? Fuel cards, truck stop or card lock rates or mobile fueling? Lower your diesel fuel prices today!

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