Go Green and Save Green

When December comes around it’s all about holiday cheer for most people, and even here at Sokolis Group we spread the joy. Green is our favorite color. Whether it’s our company’s Ford Fusion Hybrid car, or putting up an artificial tree at our office and even homes, we like being green. The environment is important, and we try to be proactive in making it a priority to have a carbon free footprint.

Just by decreasing your speed to 55mph from 70mph you can increase your fuel efficiency by 23 percent, and with our Ford Fusion Hybrid our top salesman averages about 40 miles per gallon in city! That’s a great fuel management tip right there, free of cost! Instead of buying that Christmas tree every year and going through the stress and hassle of it, try a one time purchase of an artificial tree. Most fake trees look just as good as the real ones, without the cleanup, gas wasted to drive to pick it up each year, and issues that you have with a real tree. Just think if you didn’t buy and cut down a Christmas tree each year all the trees you would save throughout your lifetime! Wow, talking about lowering a carbon footprint. No, I am not a tree hugger (not that there is anything wrong with that) I just care about carbon offsetting today and a better tomorrow.

There are tons of other ways to be green such as recycling, energy saving light bulbs, and eliminating major use of harmful beauty and cleaning products, but we’re not environment experts here, we are fuel management and fuel consulting experts. We can give great fuel advice on being green when it comes to anything fleet fuel related, and we’ll leave the rest to the environmentalists. It’s a great way to save money and the environment, and everyone likes saving money especially us. We save fleet management people money on their fleet fuel purchases every day. If you think or have a feeling that you too could possibly be paying too much on your fleet fuel, then contact the Sokolis Group and start saving some green. Green is Good! How are You Fueling Today?

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