Healthcare Company Finds Healthy Retail Savings

A Fortune 30 company in the healthcare industry wanted to reduce their diesel fuel prices and get better information on their fueling practices.

They had been purchasing all of their diesel fuel at a large national truck leasing company. While they were being charged competitive diesel fuel prices from the leasing company, this client wanted to save time, reduce out-of-route miles, and improve their fuel savings.

Sokolis Group evaluated their fuel purchasing and found several ways to reduce the cost of fuel significantly by negotiating and implementing discounted networks of truck stops and card locks. This allowed the client’s drivers to reduce out-of-route miles and increase how much fuel they buy during each fill up, which has led to improved fueling savings. The client still uses their lease provider for some diesel fuel, but Sokolis Group was able to negotiate better prices.

As part of the fuel management program, Sokolis Group audits every fueling transaction to be sure that the negotiated deals have been adhered to. In addition, the client’s fleet managers now receive easy-to-read reports that show them MPGs per vehicle, in-network fueling statistics, and how well their branches are maximizing fuel savings.

“We have more information today on our fuel purchases than ever before,” a company official told us, “and this has allowed us better controls and better plan for our consumption and financial reporting.”

With the new fuel program in place, the company saves over $300,000 a year in just fuel savings. Additionally, the program has expanded the network of fueling locations along routes which has resulted in additional labor savings.