$250,000 Savings Constructed for Building Supply Company

A national building supply company with approximately 300 distribution centers throughout the United States was buying just under 5 million gallons of fuel a year. The company’s fuel program was mostly consolidated to one fuel card, but drivers were making purchases at a thousand different fueling stations and getting little to no discounts.

Sokolis Group’s review of the client’s program found that its buying patterns weren’t optimal. Sokolis Group was able to identify savings opportunities by consolidating vendors and directing drivers to a targeted network of fueling locations where national discounts could be negotiated without adding out-of-route miles.

In addition, Sokolis Group negotiated lower prices with the client’s mobile fueling vendor and then expanded the use of mobile fueling in a number of locations to generate greater labor savings.

Sokolis Group’s program includes weekly reporting to help the company take full advantage of the negotiated savings opportunities. Plus, Sokolis Group verifies every transaction to be sure that pricing agrees to the deals that have been established.

The client is now saving $250,000 a year. By continuing to work with Sokolis Group, this client’s savings will continue to trend upward as the company grows.