Household Energy Costs

When it’s cold outside do you dread going to the mailbox to get that energy or heating bill? Here at Sokolis Group we are used to finding fleet fuel discounts and matching clients with compatible fleet fuel cards. So what does a fuel management company do at home to combat the home energy issue, you’re about to find out!

Let’s start with averages. According to The Home Energy Saver the average natural gas furnace costs about .60 – .80 cents an hour, a gas dryer can cost .16 cents a load. Your typical oil water heater will be up to .75 cents a day. That is just a few, imagine including all the appliances we use, coffee maker, refrigerator, hair dryer, lighting, clocks and dishwashers. Its no wonder the walk to the mailbox may seem so long.

Sokolis Group not only tries to keep our office as environmentally friendly as possible but we bring our work home and try to cut energy costs at home by:

  • When possible purchase energy efficient appliance
  • Turning off lights when not in a room
  • Using CFL light bulbs
  • Turning off computer monitors when not in use
  • The old caulk windows and check insulation never fails

These are just a few of the simple ways to save on energy costs, and while we read and here about them all the time, there is a reason: THEY WORK. Find more about Sokolis Groups Environmental Commitment and more you can do at your own home or business by checking out the Department of Energy Consumer site. Don’t forget that Sokolis Group not only promotes green, but we save you green, Find out with a free fuel audit how much you might save on fleet fuel purchases, diesel fuel and all your fuel needs with Sokolis Group.

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